Laser Hair Removal

Imagine never shaving, waxing, plucking or applying messy creams
again! Sound like a dream? It's now a reality you can enjoy, thanks
to the FDA-approved LightSheer™ Diode Laser Hair Removal

Which laser works the best?
The LightSheer system is the world's most advanced treatment for
effective, permanent reduction of unwanted hair. LightSheer is the
recognized Gold Standard worldwide for safe, quick, and dramatic
removal of unwanted hair. Say goodbye to messy creams and
temporary solutions to a never-ending battle! Patients can resume
regular activities immediately following treatment. It's that easy!

What areas can be treated?
The most popular areas treated are the face (chin and upper lip),
neck, underarms, bikini, chest, back, nipple area and legs.

Is it really permanent? How many treatments will I need?
Staff expertise and training are the critical differences between
getting permanent results and just slowing the hair growing process.

The laser treats hair follicles that are in an active growth phase so
more than one treatment is required to destroy hair follicles that
subsequently enter this growth phase. Three treatments will give you
a moderate amount of hair removal (approx. 50-75%). For near
complete removal (95-100%) a total of 6 treatments are effective for
most areas. The treated area remains fairly hair-free between

The LIGHTSheer™ XC Diode laser system is indicated for the
treatment of unwanted or excess hair. It was developed from
research performed at the Wellman Laboratories of Photomedicine
at the Massachusetts General Hospital, under the direction of R. Rox
Anderson, M.D. of Harvard medical school.

The LIGHTSheer™ XC laser is the first diode laser approved by the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as being effective for
permanent hair reduction. Permanent hair reduction is the long-term
stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing after a treatment
regime. LIGHTSheer™ demonstrated this capability in a multicenter
clinical study conducted at leading research institutes.


As with any new medical technology, both healthcare professionals
and patients have questions about the use of the LIGHTSheer™ XC
Diode Laser system. The following are some of the most frequently
asked questions (with short answers).

What is Iasertrolysis?
Lasertrolysis is a method of removing unwanted hair, utilizing laser
energy targeted to the hair follicle to cause thermal damage and
prevent further hairs from growing.

How does the LIGHTSheer Diode System work?
The near-infrared laser light emitted by the system is preferentially
absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle. The laser is
pulsed, or turned on, for only a fraction of a second. The duration of
each pulse is just long enough to damage the hair follicle, while the
system’s unique patented contact-cooling handpiece (the ChillTip)
helps protect the skin by conductive cooling during the laser energy

A key component of the LIGHTSheer™ XC system is the patented
ChillTip™ cooling lens which provides thermal protection for the
epidermis (the skin), allowing higher doses of laser energy to safely
and effectively target unwanted hair follicles.

The handpiece consists of a 12mm square, actively cooled sapphire
lens that has three properties. First, it cools the epidermis to help
prevent thermal damage. Second, it focuses the laser light to
maximize dose penetration to deep hair follicles. Finally, its convex
shape allows compression of the skin during treatment which
temporarily collapses blood vessels, lies down hairs bringing the root
of the hair closer to the laser energy, and increases transmission
through the underlying dermis by as much as 40%.
The LIGHTSheer™ XC system's 100 ms pulse width was confirmed
in separate clinical trials to be optimal for safely and effectively
treating the darkest skin types including skin type VI.

Is the hair removal permanent?
The FDA has granted the manufacturer of the LIGHTSheer™ XC
laser clearance to label the laser system as being effective in stable
long-term or permanent hair reduction. Damage to the hair follicle
can remove unwanted hair permanently, but because of the nature of
hair and the many factors that influence hair growth the results are
variable. This is certainly true of every type of medical procedure.
The effect of repeated treatments is cumulative. In fact, most people
do experience long-term hair removal.

Is it safe?
Use of the laser system can have some side effects as with any
medical treatment. However, side effects have been minor and
manageable in clinical use. Transient hypopigmentation,
hyperpigmentation, crusting and scabbing have been observed in
some patients. Proper patient selection and pretreatment can help
minimize these complications. Patients who have a history of cold
sores can experience an outbreak on the treated area. The risk of
this complication can be reduced if the patient takes their antiviral
medication for a few days before and after each treatment.
Is it safe?

The precise laser parameters used for the LIGHTSheer™ XC Diode
System were carefully defined by studying the anatomy of the hair
follicle and precisely matching the color of laser light and the pulse
duration to the size, depth and location of the hair follicle. This
research has resulted in a sage technique that effectively eliminates
the risk of scaring and substantially reduces most other
complications following treatment.

Is it painful?
No treatment to remove unwanted hair is completely painless.
Patients who have undergone repeated waxing or hours of
electrolysis can attest to this. Most patients undergoing laser hair
removal are pleasantly surprised at the minimal discomfort. The
LIGHTSheer system is fast which reduces treatment time. It provides
long-lasting hair removal, reducing the need for repeated treatments.
The ChillTip cooling lens helps reduce discomfort while protecting the
skin. If large or sensitive areas are to be treated, a topical anesthetic
cream may be used.

What will the treated area look like after the procedure?
Immediately after treatment, the site will be slightly red in color, may
be somewhat swollen and feel like a mild sunburn. This reaction
subsides over a few minutes to hours and then the treated sites
usually return to their normal appearance.

How long does the procedure take?
Each pulse of laser energy will treat a square of skin approximately
one half of an inch (12mm). For this reason, the amount of time
required depends on the size of the area treated. For example, the
upper lip and bikini line may require only 5 to 15 minutes, while a
longer period of time will be required to treat the back or legs.
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